3I Infotech LTD

• Maintained and managed data communications circuits and WAN/LAN networking of all major Indian Airlines locations with / from M.B.O. EDP (Air India Bldg, Nodal Center and consisting of more than 40 desktop computers).
• Configured and tuned OSPF, Access lists, RIP using Cisco Router series: 3600, 2600 and 1700, Cisco Switches: 2950, 1900.
• Configured and Performed Troubleshooting on data circuits of Entire Western Region of Indian Airlines Ltd. such as Leased Lines(2Mb,128k,64k,9.6k), ISDN (BRI), Dial-Up lines. Troubleshooting WAN setup of Routers and Switches.
• Provided our clients technical support in an effort to assist in service needs and problem resolutions regarding Network with WAN/LAN connectivity for the Entire Western Region of Indian Airlines Ltd.