Rohit Patil Consulting Inc.

• Manage the Akamai panel and the configurations.
• Work with the teams on maintaining the Web Application Firewall (Kona WAF) and updating the KRS ruleset to the latest version.
• Migrate the business websites to the Akamai platform to optimize / secure the traffic.
• Ongoing activity with regards to upgrading the security settings for the websites at the Akamai layer and also helping client ensure security from server side.
• Manage the current SSL certificates and work with the vendor and internal teams to ensure the SSL certificates are all updated regularly.
• Integrate the Shape security configuration within the Akamai panel and work with the Shape vendor and application teams on implementing the same.
• Work with the Akamai vendor on ensuring the specific custom rules and visibility rules are added accordingly for better visibility and protection on the WAF.
• Work with internal teams to optimize the traffic flow and suggest improvements where possible.